Nature Tour

Made for those who enjoy most alternative agendas, routes or just a city adventure

The heart of this tour is the Stone Weir. In a long lost paradise by the river’s margins, made to propel the old industries that powered themselves there, the weir preserves the mysterious mystic proper of an long forgotten place

Along the way, you will have the time to appreciate the rich industrial past of the city and see it unveiling in front of your eyes, along the river.

Entering this enchanted bosque means leaving the chaotic rush from city life behind and embark on a magical place where tranquility and peace of mind prevail

While returning, we will still have time to pass by the new part of the city drawing a contrast with the old town’s architecture. Afterwards. will cross the “Old Bridge”, which origins go all the way back to the prosperous Roman times and we will head towards Serpa Pinto Street



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2.30 hours


Portuguese, English, Spanish


Certified local guide


• Old Roman Bridge • Stone Weir



Upgrade your experience with our Instax and see Tomar in a different prespective. Create unforgettable memories in the beautifull scenarios of our town. 10 photos included.

Tapas degustation

Upgrade your experience with a degustation of locally produced cheese, smoked ham, wine and olive oil.

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How to get to Tomar?

Bus | 1h45 – 10 € per person

Train | 1h50 – 10 € per person

Private Transfer | 1h15 – 120€ for up to 4 people


Bus | 2h00 – 12 € per person

Train | 2h20 – 10 € per person

Private Transfer | 0h50 – 80€ for up to 4 people

Bus | 0h40 – 8 € per person

Private Transfer | 0h40 – 35€ for up to 4 people

Train | 0h50 – 5€ per person

Private Transfer | 0h50 – 80€ for up to 4 people

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