Experiencia de canoagem em Tomar . Canoeing group tours in Tomar


Canoeing depends a lot on the place you choose to do it. Because of that, we present you  with 3 different river for 3 unique experiences

Down the Tejo River

Starting at Constância, you have te option to arrive at Barquinha or the Castle of Almourol. Here you will have a peacefull journey, with a privileged view to the Castle of Almourol

Main Features

✔ Privileged view to the Castle of Almourol
✔ Possibility of watching wild animal in their natural habitats
✔ Low  physical effort required 
✔ Peacefull trip

Journey in Castelo de Bode dam

Castelo de Bode Dam is a calm place for canoeing. Its quiet waters, the possibility of exploring and conquering small islands, make this a fun trip.

Main Features

✔ Peacefull journey
✔ Quiet waters
✔ Natural beauty
✔There are no currents or instabilities which may happend in rivers

Down the Zêzere River

Starting near the Castelo de bode dam all over to Constancia, this journey challenges you to overcome the natural hardness of the river, boosting your adrenaline levels.

Main Features

✔Adventurous trip
✔ Green scenery 
✔Personal challenge

Down the Nabão River

From Agroal to Sobreirinho, this river encloses the pure adrenaline of 3 small rapids, the constant contact with nature and a stop in an abandoned factory 

Main Features

✔ 3 small rapids
✔ Stop in one of the most iconic abandoned factories of the region 
✔Start and finish point in river beaches 
✔Constant contact with nature
✔Unique nature scenery