Visit to the Convent of Christ and the Templar Castle of Tomar

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Much more than a simple, plain visit to the ex-libris of the city, the Convent of Christ, this tour guides you and involves you in the mythic Templar History that the teletransports you all the way to the beginning of Tomar’s history and the Templar Knights.
This place has become, throughout the decades, a live museum of Portuguese History having been in this exact same place where important portuguese history pages were written. Leafing through this immense book we will be get in touch with the most diverse styles and forms which coexist there, making it the greatest example of this magnitude in the world. From the Charole and its uniquely painted panels to the illustrious Capitulo window or the architecture of the main cloister


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✔ Entrance ticket to the Convent of Christ 


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